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MODEL | GS-100

FURUNO satellite speed log GS-100

Delivers highly accurate speed measurement for safe berthing and docking operations.

  • Features
  • Speed accuracy ±0.02 kn
  • Display Modes
  • Downloads
  • Offers transverse speed at bow and stern position, as well as longitudinal speed
  • Provides transverse speed at any position of the ship utilizing the built-in satellite compass
  • Delivers roll, pitch and angular information for navigation equipment such as Radar, ECDIS and AIS.
  • Accurate information of ship's attitude contributes to safe and efficient navigation.

  • Fully complies with SDME (Speed and Distance Measuring Device) standard (IEC 61023) and THD (Transmitting Heading Device) standard (ISO 22090-3)
  • 5.7" color LCD
  • Compact antenna unit facilitates ease of installation
  • Simplified menu operation
  • The operator can navigate through the menu by pressing the cursor or pressing the numeric key associated with the menu items.

Speed accuracy ±0.02 kn

The measurement capability at dead slow speed is vital for precise docking of large ships. The GS-100 offers speed accuracy of ±0.02 kn, which is of great help during berthing operations. Also, an optional 8.4” color LCD for a wing workstation installation gives high-legibility, real-time information in both graphics and alphanumerics.

Optional 8.4" color LCD (for wing installation)
Navigation Display

(Description will appear, when you put the mouse cursor onto each number.)

(A) Current selected mode (SDME or THD), integrity status and common satellite number, etc. are displayed.

(B) This area shows the information specific to the display mode currently selected. Please refer to each of the display modes for details.

(C) Guide to currently available actions is displayed. Under an alert situation, the information about the most imminent alert is displayed.


Text Screen