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Find the best route thought ice!

FICE-100 ice detection radar is compatible with standard Furuno FAR-15x8, FAR-2xx7、FAR-2xx8 or FAR-3000 X-band navigation radar.

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Increase safety

  • Visualizes ice structures
  • Discovers the optimum route to go through ice
  • Shows the track in bad visibility
  • Usable ice detection up to 3 NM
  • Ice radar stabilizes the ice picture compared to the navigation radar using advanced algorithms


Ice radar displays the ice conditions

The FICE-100 removes the image noise making the fine structures of the ice more visible. Hybrid ice radar captures the raw radar signal from the ARPA processor.

The result is a stable image that includes the fine details found in the radar echoes.


Less power consumption

By using ice radar vessels can find the old rifts, clean ice and channels made by icebreakers and other vessels. Finding and using these, the vessel consumes much less power and saves fuel and time!


FICE-100 is an alternative to an Infrared camera

Infrared cameras are challenging to maintain in icy conditions. Ice radar is a supplementary system for navigation radar to observe ice conditions using the same outdoor equipment.

Harbour view, showing the routes leave from the port and the port broken area.

Difficult ice conditions showing the three old broken ice-channels. Zoomed.

A clear broken ice-channel in the direction of 228.8.