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FleetBroadBand brings ship-to-shore operational and social communications to the broadband IP era

FELCOM251 and FELCOM501 are FURUNO’s latest Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals, which delivers ship-to-shore/ ship-to-ship broadband communication of up to 432 kbps, anywhere at sea, by utilizing the inmarsat Fleet Xpress system coverage. (coverage map below.)

In addition to data communication services (Standard IP of up to 432 kbps). FleetBroadBand allows the users to make use of ISDN data service* as well as FAX communication.

FELCOM251 and FELCOM501 will bring cost-effective broadband communication onboard the vessels for a variety of needs, for both operational and social purposes, including calling their friends and family back home while at sea.

* FELCOM501 only

  • Features
  • Overview
  • System Configuration
  • Solution

Inmarsat fleet broadband data coverage anywhere at sea

  • Support the Inmarsat Fleet Xpress system
    1. Standard IP(Up to 432 kbps for FELCOM501)
    2. Streaming IP(Up to 256 kbps for FELCOM501)
    3. Satellite voice
    4. Enhanced voice services
    5. Crew calling
    6. GSM calls
    7. SMS
    8. Safety
    9. Fax
  • Noise suppression function to improve the listening comfort in noisy environment
  • Compact Communication Unit FB-2001 for easy installation
  • High level of security settings (IP Filter, Firewall)
  • Remote Maintenance Available
  • Ample connection interface for retrofitting with existing systems and components
  • Conforms to the following standards: Inmarsat Fleetbroadband SDM, IEC 60945 (Ed.4), IEC 60529 (Ed.2)

System Overview of FleetBroadband


FleetBroadband coverage

  • I4 satellite F1 PAC-W 143.5E: Covering Oceania, Western Pacific and South and East Asia.
  • I4 satellite F2 IND-W 25E: Covering Western Asia, Africa and Eastern Atlantic.
  • I4 satellite F3 PAC-E 98W: Covering Western Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and Americas.

Crystal clear voice telephony

  • 4 kbps cost-effective, landline quality speech available.
  • Supports one circuit switched service at any one time.
  • Simultaneous use together with data communications.


High stability in communication links achieves constant network availability even under harsh environmental conditions.


Supports additional core voice and ISDN data capabilities for integration with legacy applications.

  • ISDN compatibility available on FELCOM501.


SMS (up to 160 characters) and voice mail.


Equipment list

Model NameFELCOM251FELCOM501
Antenna UnitFB-1251FB-1501
Communication UnitFB-2001
IP HandsetFB-8001
Incoming BellFB-3001
Alarm PanelFB-3101
Telport ExtenderFB-3002
USB-RS-232C ConverterFB-3003
AC/DC Power Supply Unit406080A-FUR-001

Specifications _

Model NameFELCOM251FELCOM501
Transmitting Frequency1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz、1668.0 - 1675.0 MHz
Receiving Frequency1518.0 - 1559.0 MHz
LAN4 ports, ethernet 100Base-TX, RJ-45 (PoE)
Analog Telephone/Telefax2 ports (4 ports with optional adapter)
USB1 port, USB2.0 (RS-232C conversion with optional adapter)
Alarm output1 port, contact closure (normal close), External relay
Sim card1 Slot
Communication services
Voice4 kbps AMBE+2 or ISDN 3.1 kHz audio
DataISDN(UDI/RDI)-64 kbps
Standard IP(Best effort)MAX 284 kbpsMAX 432 kbps
Streaming IP(Guaranteed rates)32、64、128 kbps32、64、128、256 kbps
Short messageUp to 1120 characters
FacsimileGroup 3 Facsimile via 3.1 kHz audio
Environmental conditions
TemperatureAntenna Unit-25°C ~ +55°C(Storage: -40°C~+85°C)
Communication Unit-25 °C ~ +55 °C
ProtectionAntenna UnitIPX6
Communication UnitIP31
IP HandsetIP56 (Cradle: IP22)
Power Supply
Communication Unit12-24 VDC: 14/5.5 A
Power Supply Unit100-240 VAC, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz

With its simultaneous voice and data capability, FELCOM251 and FELCOM501 can support an extensive range of user applications. All tasks can be conducted all at the same time through a single terminal. N.B., Certain network devices must be arranged locally, in order for you to make use of some of the applications.

Social communication and increased welfare for crewmembers.

Crewmembers are now able to make private phone calls or send SMS using their SIM card to their friends and families back home. They can also browse the web to read news from home, or any other activity connecting them to the land.

Educational opportunities for crewmembers using distance learning.

Using their off-duty time in a more productive manner has become very popular amongst navigators. VSAT allows crewmembers to attend off-campus distance learning courses through IP applications such as.

Troubleshooting in case of equipment failure.

In case of failure of engine or other onboard equipment, chief engineers onboard can set up live, on-the-spot remote condition-review and troubleshooting sessions with service engineers from various manufacturers onshore. A reliable high bandwidth connection is essential for enabling these functions, and FleetBroadband provides a perfect solution.